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Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning is the go-to HVAC company in Dallas, Texas. While the city of Dallas most certainly isn’t lacking in both beauty and charm, the weather has a knack for keeping residents on their toes. This makes having a reliable heating and air conditioning company to call on for fast and reliable repair and installation contractors absolutely essential.

Spring and autumn are generally the most pleasant seasons in and around the Dallas area, at least as far as temperatures are concerned. Temperatures are mild and comfortable in the spring, although severe storms aren’t uncommon. Cool fronts moving down from Canada collide with the warmer, more humid Gulf Coast air right over north central Texas resulting in severe thunder and lightning storms, accompanied by torrential downpours, hail and the occasional tornado. Summer on the other hand, can be extremely hot, with the mercury often seen rising above 100° Fahrenheit and even higher when factoring in those heat-humidity indexes. While winters in Dallas are, for the most part, mild, extreme cold temperatures and even an occasional bout of freezing rain aren’t completely unheard of.

Given the unpredictable nature of weather in Dallas, having the heating & AC experts at Airtron Dallas at your beck and call makes sense. The last thing you want to worry about in the midst of a heat wave is your air conditioner conking out. While our dependable HVAC technicians are available for immediate air conditioning repair service, for extra peace of mind, we highly recommend yearly pre-season air conditioner tune ups. Airtron Dallas also provides pre-season winter furnace tune ups in addition to a bevy of heating repair and installation services. At Airtron Heating & Air Conditioning, we want you and your family to be comfortable no matter what the weather is doing outside.

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