About Us

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Airtron.

AIrtron has become one of the most respected heating and air conditioning installation providers in the Dallas community. Airtron is a division of Direct Energy®, providing strengths only a global HVAC installation and service company can offer.

With comprehensive service and replacement plans along with a dedicated customer service department, Airtron stands behind our commitment to overall quality and customer care. We ensure that all installations are designed for maximum efficiency. Airtron offers regular maintenance and protection plans after first-year warranties have expired and dedicated 24-hour service to ensure that systems are consistently working at their peak and you are always comfortable. Airtron provides you with numerous high quality products from the nation’s top name brands. Having established long-term relationships with manufacturers, Airtron can offer you the precise quality products you need to meet your exclusive demands.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to maintaining every system we install ensures that your satisfaction will be of highest priority. We continually strengthen this position by seeking new methods, products, and ideas that allow us to set the pace for our industry and provide our customers with the greatest overall satisfaction. Airtron will always provide the simple, friendly and direct service you can count on.




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