Brent Boswell
Brent B.
23:46 26 May 20
AirTron installed our units a bit over 2 years ago, so we thought our warranty would cover the issue when our condenser unit quit cranking. Service technician come out and diagnosed a capacitor replacement not covered under warranty. So we paid the trip charge, new capacitor, and install labor of $250+ for a $15 part. At least he was friendly and checked other components of the system to ensure all systems were operational, and buttoned up some wiring issues.
Ipar Alifu
Ipar A.
00:53 23 May 20
The best service I have ever experienced. Very very professional, on time , responsive. And finally fixed the issue perfectly. Crews were on time, very professional and polite. Seriously I'm impressed. Thank you!!!
Nicole Duffey
Nicole D.
14:49 19 May 20
Update...I was lucky enough to get Jason again today when I had a different issue with my ac. He is so thorough and ensures we are taken care of. I appreciate you tons!Jason came and did a wonderful job. He was very knowledgeable and took care of our issue quickly. Thank you Jason!
Lavish Libra
Lavish L.
04:21 13 May 20
Javier Gamez come after my courtesy call with a professional attitude. He was knowledgeable of his line of profession. He told me what was wrong, ordered the part then come back to complete the job. And that he did. Thanks Airtron for sending Javier to my home.
Robin Page
Robin P.
17:22 04 May 20
Felipe was terrific! Arrived right on time, was very thorough and courteous so I couldn't have asked for more. Great job Felipe
Earnest Hicks
Earnest H.
21:11 25 Apr 20
As a new home owner 5 months in having my AC not blowing cold was not an issue i anticipated. After troubleshooting to the best of my ability I gave them a call. I'll admit I was very concerned until Jason showed up. He was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Not only did he resolve the issue he gave me some additional advice that I believe will help me out a great deal. With the world as crazy as it it right now, it was refreshing to get some good help and see another friendly face. Wishing Jason all the best!!!
Megan Barnett
Megan B.
21:24 24 Apr 20
Jason was so efficient and helpful. I’m a first time home owner who ran into issues with my AC leaking. Jason not only just fixed the problem, he took the time to teach me different things about my HVAC system, thermostat, and maintenance. He really went above and beyond!
Lakesha Bell
Lakesha B.
21:17 19 Mar 20
If I could give them 0 stars I would. Airtron installed the unit in my home back in 2017. I had a leak in my unit upstairs which caused damaged to my ceiling downstairs. I made an appointment for them to come to my house yesterday to look at the unit. The lady gave me a service window of 1-7p.m. and told me that I would receive a phone call when the tech was 30 minutes out. I never received a phone call and no one showed up. I called them today and asked to speak to a Manager. The lady told me that I couldn't speak to a Manager but that she would take my name and number down for the manager to call me. Guess what? No one called! Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time!!
Sharon Olson
Sharon O.
21:30 11 Mar 20
Felipe was very polite and got to business right away. He followed my request to replace the air filter and told me everything looked good, inside and outside. I appreciated his communication skills.
Keron Page
Keron P.
14:47 29 Feb 20
Called Airtron and and a service tech was sent that very afternoon. Carlos arrived on-time and checked our system over very thoroughly. He made an adjustment and system is working great. He made several suggestions and we will follow-up on those.
Carolyn Brooks
Carolyn B.
17:04 27 Feb 20
Waited 2 hours after being told the technician would be there in 30-40 minutes. This is not the first time this has happened, but will be the last. I was called at 7:40 am to be told they were on the way and would be at my home in 30-40 minutes. At 9:02 am, I called and they said he was 8 minutes away. I called at 9:30 am and they told me he was in front of my house. HE WAS NOT. Then they told me "sometimes" they park at a neighbors to make notes before coming in. Does that make good sense? I can see down my street for many houses and there were no Airtron trucks. I told them to cancel my appointment. Someone did call back in about 30 minutes to apologize for my not receiving a call that their was a delay. And could they set up an appointment that would be "guaranteed" to arrive on time. How could that not have been done this time? I understand Dallas traffic and delays, but with cell phones and GPS, customers should be notified of delays. I can see from other reviews that this is a recurring problem with this company. The representative then offered to have her manager call me. I declined, and she replied they were sorry to lose my business. Apparently this is one of the reasons for all the one star reviews. I have NEVER posted a negative review for a company, but felt I had to this time.
Aurelio Amador
Aurelio A.
01:50 04 Feb 20
Tech Javier Gamez, was very knowledgeable when diagnosing my a/c unit. He was very courteous and helpful about tips on maintaining my unit a little better. I really appreciate his help.
Earl Croy
Earl C.
03:06 03 Jan 20
We would like to thank Tech Brad Riggs for responding to our service call today. His Friendly, and Professional attitude in troubleshooting our new HVAC System did not go unnoticed. He is an exceptionally astute, and knowledgeable Tech. He explained each step as he preformed various Tests on our System and Thermostat, and stayed on-point during the repair process. Its always a pleasure to have Highly Trained Technicians respond when there is a need. Thank you to him and to Airtron for their commitment to us, their Customer.
Cre White
Cre W.
18:43 24 Dec 19
I had a very complicated heating emergency and my techs were Jason & Nick. Not only did they take care of my heating problems, they also checked to make sure other things were functioning properly, which they were not. They had great attitudes, were very patient & thorough, and kept me updated along the way. I was very blessed to have gotten these two! You guys are greatly appreciated!
Nick Vogeler
Nick V.
19:57 23 Dec 19
Airtron has no respect for their customers time. I have had to deal with them over six times in the past six months. Every time I am given an appointment they are late. Not to mention it takes multiple trips to figure out what is truly wrong. They find a way to waste your time every service call. The customer service people on the phone have no empathy and give the impression they don’t care about your time or satisfaction. Don’t use them unless you are forced to due to warranty.
Ochieng Owiro
Ochieng O.
22:58 17 Dec 19
Brandt Bolding was very Professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable when he performed a service at my residence on 12/5/2019. Brandt replaced a series 4 thermostat with a new 6220 thermostat, which he ran on all modes and ensured that everything was working properly. He also replaced the air filter with a new one. and ordered new sidewall supply grills to replace the curved blade grills in the living room due to them being installed on a slanted ceiling. I would highly recommend Brandt as an expert technician who works meticulously fast and efficiently. Kudos Mr. Bolding!!
Patricia Bolick
Patricia B.
00:16 05 Dec 19
We chose the Home Care Product to check our units twice a year. Jordan was our tech and found to be a very personable and professional young man. We find it worth the money to have preventive care.
Amore 2
Amore 2
16:49 15 Nov 19
Arturo G was curtious, friendly and showed us what to do. He also showed us something that we should do in the coming months to refresh the air in our house. It was a very pleasant experience.
Ann Miller
Ann M.
22:38 04 Nov 19
Jason was great he took the time to explain the problem. We are happy customers and will alway call Airtron.Thank youJason
Jai Ramaswamy
Jai R.
22:40 16 Oct 19
Improper communication and rude staffs..The service manager and the technician were rude at me. We have service warranty for 1year. For the first time, The technician guy who came for service(my heater was not working) told to change the ac filter. He never told me that is root cause for heater not working. After couple of days heater stopped working then again I called they came and charged me $89. I asked why I have toPay. He said we never service for homeOwner responsibility for maintenance. I told last time you guys never told me properly that filter is causing the issue for heater.. that guy was rude and told me that it not mandatory and not our job to tell you to root cause or reason.. and ask me to pay for it. Finally they forced me to pay for it.
taw pruitt
taw P.
19:01 13 Oct 19
Technicians came when I wasn’t home (fine, no big deal because it was a new home) I had some speakers installed in the ceiling before they arrived, but not afterward. Enjoy the speakers. I hope the owners find you.
William Scarbrough
William S.
19:14 09 Oct 19
We called to have our unit checked out before the warranty ran out. The technician did a very thorough job, and lucky for us found a faulty thermostat. He was on time that morning and everything went great. We are very appreciative of this service. Thanks - Pam and Bill Scarbrough, the Auburndale addition, Melissa, TX.
Mohamed Kehal
Mohamed K.
18:35 16 Sep 19
Overall good experience.I have had several issues where we needed the technician to work on the unit, couple of times they had technicians in a timely manner. Other times it took longer.The main issue was not even suppose to happen but it was fixed after 3 visits.
Angela Vargas
Angela V.
19:39 21 Aug 19
I called Airtron because our unit didn't seem to be cooling. I got on their schedule quick. Emmorick came out & did a fantastic job. Very thorough on finding out what the issue was. It was at the end of the day and still even in this heat he had the biggest smile and a wonderful personality!I would recommend Airtron.
Oneinabilli V
Oneinabilli V
00:51 20 Aug 19
We woke up to a temperature of 78 degrees with a 4 year old. I called Airtron and they sent out Jason. When he arrived he went straight to work! He was able to get us back up and running in no time! Jason was very professional and gave me some valuable information that no one has every told me about the air conditioner. Look forward to having him checking out home twice a year for maintenance. So we can stay up and running in this Texas heat!
Jordan White
Jordan W.
04:41 17 Aug 19
My AC randomly went out noon today so I called for service and they happily said they could get someone out today. I was told at 4pm I was next on the list for service.... 3.5 hours ago. My latest update after having to BEG the lady in the office for information is that it could be an hour and a half before anyone gets here AND they will not be giving a 30 minute courtesy call because they are closing the office... while they say they are 24 hours. I’m pregnant with 3 dogs and going out of town at 5am tomorrow morning and the heat index was 108 today. If I was told at noon that they couldn’t get someone here until 9PM-10PM I would have called someone else and paid for more timely service, but I was given zero information about this insane wait time and had to call back 6 times. I have previously had good experiences with the technicians, but the office staff is lacking in quality.Update: after being told I was next at 4pm, the technician, Carlos, made it to my house at 11pm. He was fantastic, quick and friendly. The office staff needs some training on how to communicate and what information to verify when processing and emergency service request.
Michael Darby
Michael D.
18:39 15 Aug 19
Jason B was amazing! Punctual, quick and efficient at solving our issue. We were up and running with 45 minutes. He even took the time to help wash out our AC units and help educate us on how to keep things running smoothly for the future. I would highly recommend! Thanks Jason!
Derrick Raney
Derrick R.
22:21 02 Aug 19
After explaining what my air conditioner was doing Dung Nguyen fixed it in 10 minutes!!! without even coming inside of my home. Great customer service. Dung is the man if you need your air conditioner serviced.
Kim Johnson
Kim J.
16:39 25 Jul 19
This was the second time Jason B had to come service our AC, and each time he was pretty detail oriented when it came to explaining the type of service he was about to perform on our unit. Over all great customer service. Would recommend him to anyone. Thanks a lot Airtron and Jason B.
joe marburger
joe M.
21:00 20 Jun 19
Dung Nguyen was excellent. We called Airtron about 12:30 pm and made an appointment for the next day. Airtron called about 30 minutes later and said the they had a tech that could come out right now. Dung came out, changed the run capacitor and charged the unit. Our house was new about 4 years ago and he said that we had 500 dollars towards the repair since we just bought the extended warranty. It came out to 513.00 but their manager gave us a 13 dollar credit. 89 for service fee. 178.00 for 2 pounds of freon and 245 for the capacitor. Within 3 hours from MAKING the initial phone call, my a/c is now blowing cold and the outside air temp is 98 degrees. Hottest day of 2019 in the dfw area. BTW Airtron also installed both units when my house was built. Great service, Dung is truly a professional. Thanks for helping us out.
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