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Greener Demeanor

We believe that the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

That is why we are committed to the highest standards of environmentally-friendly (green) home heating and cooling systems. This is critical because air conditioning and heating has such a significant environmental impact. We call our approach Greener Demeanor. We’re proud of our Greener Demeanor way of doing business. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more details.

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How are we changing the climate?


Climate Change

Direct Energy and our parent company Centrica have established a leadership position on addressing climate change through investments in low and zero carbon power generation, the suite of green products and services offered to customers and our support for urgent action to set a meaningful price for carbon, together with robust cap and trade mechanisms to deliver absolute carbon reductions.


  • Direct Energy has over 810 MW of emission-free wind energy capacity
  • Direct Energy Power Generation facilities employs some of the most efficient energy technology in North America
  • Direct Energy trades Renewable Energy Certificates in a number of markets helping our customers comply with Renewable
  • Portfolio Standards, develop carbon-neutral products and services and participate in the voluntary trading markets
  • Direct Energy was the first company in North America to offer carbon-neutral natural gas to our retail customers
  • Direct Energy is actively trading in the voluntary carbon and emissions markets in North America and is a liquidity provider to the Chicago Climate Exchange
  • Direct Energy is the second largest retailer of green electricity in Canada


Green Business Planning

We fully incorporate environmental considerations into our business planning process. We constantly review our internal policies to make sure environmental resources are protected and that we are in absolute compliance with environmental regulations.


Green Products

Our mission is to offer products that are environmentally-responsible, reliable and highly efficient. We support technologies that minimize the venting of refrigerants into the atmosphere, and work to make this technology cost-effective to the consumer. We have the finest energy star rated cooling and heating equipment which use environmentally sound products. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has issued refrigerant regulations to eliminate air conditioning and heat pump refrigerants which contain chlorine, because of its effect on the ozone. Accordingly, we offer products that use the new, chlorine-free R410A refrigerant, instead of the standard R22 refrigerant (Freon) currently in use. Our company goal is to give our customers products which provide greater comfort and save money – all while protecting the earth.


Green Recycling and Disposal

Not only are we providing new products that protect the environment, we are extremely conscientious when it comes to disposing the old units we remove. When possible, we recycle the older equipment and carefully dispose of any harmful fluids or materials properly.


Green Indoor Air Pollutant Solutions

Studies have shown that some of the most polluted air is actually inside the home. This can aggravate allergies and asthma, and generally lead to a decreased level of comfort as well as health. Our systems go far beyond standard measures of filtration and sanitization, making sure that the air that you breathe in your home is the cleanest and greenest it can be.


Green Education and Community Awareness

We support constructive relationships with environmental groups, regulatory agencies, and concerned citizens toward a common goal – protecting our environment. We also offer energy saving tips for you as well as links to other resources that can help you develop your own Greener Demeanor.


Green HVAC Industry

We regularly participate in industry-wide conferences and initiatives that seek to bring environmental considerations into the forefront of our entire industry. We understand that it takes a team to be green, so we work alongside our competitors to continually upgrade our industry standards for maximum environmental protection.

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