Lewisville, Texas Air Conditioner Repair

Lewisville, Texas is a city in Denton County. Originally settled back in the 1840s, the area now known as Lewisville was previously called Holford’s Prairie. In 1853, Basdeal Lewis purchased Holford’s Prairie and renamed it Lewisville, after himself. After the Civil War, the city became the site of the first cotton gin in Denton County, built in 1867. As was the case with many early Texas cities, the arrival of the railroad in 1881 led to Lewisville’s initial growth spurt.


Officially incorporated as a city in 1925, Lewisville’s diversified economy left it pretty well protected during the Great Depression. Despite being well insulated from the economic turmoil that was plaguing the rest of the country, Lewisville residents and business owners still supported President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Programs, doing everything they could to provide work opportunities for those residents left jobless. In 1931, the city celebrated the paving of a stretch of highway between Denton and Dallas with a “Coming Out of the Mud” ceremony. This stretch of newly-paved road finally closed the “Lewisville Gap” between the cities, which previously was nothing more than dirt roads which would get muddy during wet weather. Lewisville’s population really exploded in the 1950s, following the completion of Lewisville Lake, a popular local recreational spot. Thanks to a warmer climate and prime location nearby Lewisville Lake, Lewisville became a recreational hot spot for the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

Heating and AC Installation Lewisville, Texas

Airtron has become one of the most trusted names in heating, air conditioning repair and installation in the greater Dallas area.  Given Dallas’ long, hot summer months, not to mention the unexpected and sudden blasts of cold Blue Northers can bring—having your ac, central air and furnace in good working order is absolutely essential.


This is where Airton’s team of highly skilled, always friendly and professional HVAC technicians comes in, making sure your air conditioning and heating equipment are working like new.  Here at Airtron, we stand by our heating and cooling services, offering Dallas residents superior 24/7 support, ensuring that you and your family are comfortable all year round, no matter what the weather is like outside.

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